Harbor Fest 2017

Harbor Fest is a 10 day celebration of our home.

And it just so happens that our home consists of breathtaking rocky coastline, pristine tidal Rivers, unspoiled countryside and one of the most picturesque harbors in Maine. Mother Nature's precious gifts are only enhanced by the lifestyle, livelihood and spirit of the people who have chosen Boothbay Harbor, Maine as their home. 

So, what's not to celebrate?

The ten-day festival is a community collaboration featuring a collection of unique and vibrant events that celebrate our local lifestyle and heritage. The wide range of festivities offer something for every interest; Music Lovers, Foodies, Craft Beer Fans, Artists, Collectors, Wine Connoisseurs, Fashionistas, Athletes, Shopaholics, Families... there’s even an event for our Four Legged Friends. 

Most importantly, the festival supports local business growth, community partnership and the preservation of traditional New England lifestyle.

Everything you need to know about Boothbay Harbor Fest should be right here, but if you happen to have a question that isn't, we are happy to answer it personally!

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