Winter Safety Checklist for Seniors by One2One Care

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 4:00pm
Did you know Spring is less then 8 weeks away according to the calendar? However, there is no guarantee that in those 8 weeks we will not get more storms and cold winter weather. Seniors are especially vulnerable during these cold winter storms and low temperatures. Preparing ahead insures seniors will be safe, warm and healthy. Families, caregivers and neighbors can make sure that seniors have the following supplies: 
Outdoor Safety: 
Rock salt and or cat litter for sidewalks, a snow shovel, and ice scraper 
Winter boots with a good tread, hats, gloves, heavy coat and scarf to avoid hypothermia 
Safety and Warmth: 
Extra Blankets or a sleeping bag, extra heavy clothing including long johns 
Electric space seater with safety shut-off function, plenty of fuel 
Working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector with extra batteries 
Fire extinguisher and a flashlight with extra batteries 
Battery powered radio with extra batteries 
Extra charger for a cell phone 
List of emergency phone numbers in case the power goes out or help is needed
Medicine and Food: 
One week supply of medications and first aid kit 
Non perishable foods (canned, energy bars) and can opener
A week’s supply of bottled water
These tips are brought to you by Roxanne Andrews, the Manager of  One2One Home Care located on 22 River Road, Newcastle, Maine 04553.  Contact Roxanne at 207-563-3038 for more information about companionship, homemaker, transportation and personal care services available to seniors in their homes.