Trick or Treat Fun at The Lincoln Home

Wed, 11/02/2022 - 11:15am

The Lincoln Home was a beehive of Halloween fun for all ages. The day started with a bus ride to Coastal Kids Preschool, where residents enjoyed seeing the children dressed in their costumes. In the afternoon, residents and staff, dressed in full costume regalia, came out to enjoy the afternoon sunshine, creative “Ghostie” treats and cider, and a parade by costumed staff around the front circle. Late afternoon, trick or treaters of all ages came in a steady stream to collect a handful of candy and delight residents and staff with their fun outfits and smiles. Having the community share in our activities has always played a big part in our 95 year legacy of having Lincoln County be an integral part of The Lincoln Home. To see more photographs of halloween night, visit our FaceBook page, @lincolnhome.