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Wed, 10/30/2019 - 8:15am


Site growth trajectory
September 2019 marked the seventh anniversary of PenBayPilot.com, and we are pleased to report that since launching Sept. 10, 2012, readership continues to climb. 
In August 2019, we reached our highest page view count to date, with 950,000 for the month.

That translates to more exposure for advertisers, and more interaction with the public, in Maine and beyond.

At the Pilot, page views represent real human eyeballs — not robots, crawlers and scrapers functioning according to algorithms. Page views represent people genuinely interested in the news and developments of Midcoast Maine, as illustrated above by Google Analytics.

Additionally, our page view counts represent visitation to, and readership of, the Pilot site – the eyeballs that are looking at the site, not internal administrative traffic.

Not all in the media industry do this. Some artificially boost traffic numbers by incorporating visits by crawlers and internal company traffic to inflate data records. 

We do not use third party sampling services to misrepresent reach to local audience.  They are simply not accurate, especially in smaller and rural communities, and can be easily manipulated to present incorrect data to advertisers.

Our readers are local, as well as from across Maine, New England, and the North East. We see additional visitors from across the U.S. Canada, Europe… You get the picture: People are reading the Pilot for news and information about the Midcoast, whether they are local or away, visitors planning a visit, or are moving to the area. The Pilot is their resource. 

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