Thu, 08/25/2022 - 7:45am


Does anyone else love the irony of having Duane and his tribe sell my "Stolen" leashes? Hahaha! I couldn't resist.

Just the other day I was watching Duane's Freakish Tribe descend upon some house only to find the bad guy gone. They immediately redirected to a hapless neighbor and asked her forcefully where the bad guy was. The neighbor said she didn't know and the Freakish Tribe threatened to shoot her dog, throw her in jail for aiding and abetting a felon, and tell her neighbors she was a communist drug dealer at the elementary school who was a member of Insane Clown Posse. She was completely ignorant of her rights and obviously had nothing to do with the fugitive, but she she let the bounty hunters trash her house anyway.

She was so happy the fugitive wasn't in her house she was crying and thanked them repeatedly. They thanked her for complying with their "request."

Also- these leashes are Lupines- made in New Hampshire and of the highest quality.

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