Romance and circling back to the source

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 5:45pm

The recent snow followed by a band of freezing rain left the branches glittering. The roadsides and paths were covered with crystalline confetti.

As if, Frost observed, “the inner dome of heaven had fallen.” It’s one of those things to be expected of a Yankee winter, when the world breaks in “with all its matter-of-fact about the ice storm.” For better or for worse.

But we didn’t start thinking along those lines of weddings and romance until we happened to look out the window as the full Snow Moon rose in the sky. The moonlight silvered the branches just long enough that, at first glance, it looked as if the sky held thousands of new stars. They glittered in the treetops, mixed with actual starry constellations. It made us think “this must be what the world looked like” to the ones who were here before us and electric lights.

For one brief shining moment the spell was cast. What timing!

Photo Spring Smith Studios