Ramona shows us the moves!!

Sat, 02/23/2019 - 2:45pm

Ramona schooled about 60 people at Brady’s Friday night, the 22nd of February, with her legendary dance moves proving to all that you are never too young to dance!  Lead by the Murky Water Band, Ramona Gaudette of Southport swung her hips and sang along with the band until the last song was played.  When asked later if she had any comments or advice for her fellow dancers she just smiled, winked, and said “I love everybody and they still have time to learn!”

The next scheduled appearance for Timmy Sprague and his merry band mates will be the night of the Windjammer fireworks Wednesday June 26th.

Join us and it’s pretty much a lock you can see Ramona out there showing us her moves!