Polecats and Ouzo

Thu, 03/11/2021 - 8:30pm

I say it all the time: Winter is the time I get stuff done. Sure, I'm in the shop six days a week, but there aren't hordes of tourists with ice cream and drawn butter stains down the front of their shirts coming into my shop and asking me where they can get a Tide Stick.

DON'T EMAIL ME AND ASK ME WHERE THE OTHER PHOTOS OF THE GRAY AND BLACK SHIRTS ARE. I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE CONSTRAINTS OF MY E-COMMERCE PLATFORM (21 photos). You'll just have to use the imagination your schools and employers tried to crush over the decades to visualize it.

Great, now I'm all worked up and need to get a shot of Ouzo and yell at the neighbor kids playing with the polecats on my lawn. Maybe I'll drink the Ouzo myself and go play with the polecats.

See the first iteration of our new and improved T-Shirt webpage. It's new and improved because we now have:

-- 8 colors (4 more from previous)
-- 4 different Logo placements (3 more than previous)
-- 2 different-sized Logos (1 more than previous)
-- A new, slick, and compelling webpage (1 more than previous)
-- A T-shirt color called "Watermelon" (Awesome).

I know the web category "T-Shirts" might look a little sparse now with only short-sleeved options, but my goal is to add Long Sleeve-No Pocket, and Long Sleeve-Pocketed T-Shirts on the website by April. Also sweatshirts, but don't push it unless you want me to give the polecats more booze.

As always, our T-shirts are made right here in Boothbay Harbor by BBH Apparel, so your purchase supports two small business in the Harbor.

And yes. I am the model in all the photos.

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