Tue, 10/11/2022 - 12:45pm

Please support me in my fight to pass Maine Bond Initiative #439.

I am begging for your support. PLEASE LEARN MORE BY CLICKING HERE.

Not only will this bond change the name of Eddy Rd. in Edgecomb to Eddie Money Rd, it will install technologically-advanced technology that will force "Two Chickens to Paralyze" to play from any car stereo whenever it travels The Eddie Money Road. It will also be played at an ear-drum-splitting volume over and over.

The fools say it will cost billions of dollars and it incorporates technology not even available yet. I say to put a couple sad & frowny children on it with the tagline "A NO Vote on Bond Initiative #439 Means You Hate Children And One of Them Has GOUT for God's Sake."

If enough people voted for the Bond, we would have a mandate to squeeze enough funding to force-play "Take Me Home Tonight (Be My Little Baby)" on Route 1 through Edgecomb.

THEY say my plan is in violation of just about everyone's civil rights and very "unsafe." Unsafe, my buttocks! Do you know what Thomas Jefferson said about safety-- "Those who would trade safety for freedom don't deserve Eddie Money. But I prefer Johnny Cash."

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