Plans for the next day. And the days after that.

Mon, 03/30/2020 - 6:00pm

The birds are coming back up the coast to their summer homes in Maine. There are red-wing blackbirds in the marshes, robins on a few (still-drab) lawns, and the goldfinches are inching into their namesake plumage.

But we’re all at home. Looking out on spring coming back to our world. Watching the lengthening days. And hoping that the last laugh of March snow is rapidly replaced by snowdrops and daffodils. (Until we can visit the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, we have to content ourselves with blooms among the sheltered, westerly-facing stone walls.)

Here at Spruce Point Inn, we’re watching anxiously to see what this summer season will finally look like. We’re so ready to show you what’s new, and what we’ve been cooking up this winter (especially Chef Rick Koplau, fresh from Duke’s in DC!). But that has to wait, for now.

Instead, what if we all turned our minds to those “oceanside memories, made in Maine” we’ve been helping you craft for years, now?