Sat, 11/14/2020 - 7:30am

This MAY BE the last time to read Max and Aug's Dog Blog in the current format. We're changing the website around, and renaming the blog to: "The Harbor Dogs' Stories"

I'm sure you will all hate the new name. Please write me a several-page email with atrocious spelling and grammar about how offended you are. Don't forget to threaten me with an envelope of cigarette butts.

We're making the change because "Dog Blog" has a connotation of dry and stuffy tips on how to get diarrhea out of long, stringy dog hair, whereas "The Harbor Dogs' Stories" is unique on the web, and describes the whole rambling mess a lot better.


Thanks for being a fan of the blogs. If you REALLY like them, you'd force all your friends at gunpoint to subscribe to our newsletter so I wouldn't have to work. I would just write blog after blog after blog.... er...

story after story after story after story.....

Seriously, thanks for reading them. I love writing them.

No, my dogs don't really write them.


Oh, right. Here you go. https://www.twosaltydogs.net/blog-92.html