NOT Fishermans Festival Sale

Posted:  Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 7:15am

NOT Affiliated with the NOT Fisherman’s Festival Sale in Sitka Alaska

 We used to look forward to Fisherman’s Festival every year because it was a lot of fun and it felt like the preamble to the busy tourist season. The streets felt like ours and all the fun competitions and people in town reminded us of a forthcoming summer full of hopes and dreams.

And it was our first injection of hot, liquid cash of the year into our coffers.

So if we can’t bring back all the fun things about Fisherman’s Festival, we thought, let’s at least bring back that sweet, sweet cash.

Of course, it’s harder than you would think to get people to just sign over all their disposable income to us. It turns out that we actually have to give something in return.

We thought long and hard on the matter. The best we could do is to have a NOT Fisherman’s Festival Sale. And it’s not too shabby! 25% Off Everything in the store (Except Food and already on-sale items) AND for all you From Away People - 25% Off Almost Everything on our World-Famous website! No, it’s true!

It all takes place on Saturday April 29th and Sunday April 30th.

To take advantage of us and give us your cash:

Option #1: Visit us at our store on April 29th and 30th during normal business hours and buy stuff with your precious cash, checks and credit cards and debit cards. Also make sure to peruse our Sale Table for shockingly-discounted quality merchandise and junky stuff that doesn’t sell.

Option #2: Visit us at our World-Famous website ANY TIME between 12:01AM Saturday April 29th to 11:59PM Sunday April 30th and use the Coupon Code “FISHYFISHY” to give us your precious cash in credit card/debit card form.

Option #3: Just sign over all your money to us. (Preferred)


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