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Wednesday December 13th -

In Our Shop - 25% Off - 4pm-8pm ONLY.

On Our Website - 27.7812% Off - All Day

Traditionally, Men’s Night was a night set aside to lure all the lumbering, Sasquatch-like Neanderthals into coming out of their hibernation caves and purchasing all the gifts that would ensure harmonious domestic relations for the forthcoming year (Anniversaries and Birthdays excluded).

There are those who say "Men's Night" is an incredible breach of gender sensibilities. But not us. We know men are handicapped in the ways of purchasing quality gifts. And that's why Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters uses a 25% Off Sale to lure all the gift-seeking behemoth knuckle-scrapers into a winter wonderland of satisfying holiday merchandise purchasing. And don't let the name discourage other genders. The discount sales are for everyone.

We will be offering Don’s World-Famous sirloin chili after a 2 year hiatus. And what if the hair-encrusted Alpha Male among your domicile doesn't like chili or will occasionally eat a dog or cat when the fridge is empty? No Worries! All kinds of Boothbay Harbor stores will have all kinds of huge discounts and MANLY food like BBQ and chicken wings for everyone! Neanderthals, Hominids, Cro-Magnons, Women & Children -- Come one, come all, and witness the feral beauty that is Men’s Night! C'mon! What better excuse do you need???

– In the shop - Savings Abound!
– On the phone - Grunt into the receiver to get the savings
– On the Interwebs - Use Coupon Code WARRIOR
In-Store Pick Up
Curbside Pick Up
FREE Local Delivery
FREE Nationwide Shipping over $75

Discount Applies to everything Except Food, Items Already on Sale, Seresto Flea and Tick Collars, Pet ID Tags, Deb’s Used Tennis balls, and anything else I’m going to lose money on.

(Use "FODDER" to get 10% off pet food).

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