March’s Boothbay Region Land Trust Challenge

Tue, 03/23/2021 - 11:15am

Congratulations to Wendy B. and Ari L. for correctly identifying "Zak Preserve at Wildcat Creek" in our February Contest!

Test your knowledge of the Boothbay Region Land Trust Preserves in a Do-or-Die, Winner-Take-All Killfest for scrumptious Bare Bites! Good Luck! We'll also announce the winners from last week! Could you have won? Well, not if you didn't play, Knucklehead.

WE post a photo of a Boothbay Region Land Trust preserve (above). YOU be a person who guesses the BRLT preserve correctly. If your correct guess is drawn out of a filthy gunnysack with all the other correct answers, WE give YOU a FREE 3oz bag of Bare Bites! It's THAT simple! We'll even mail it to you!

Click Here or on the photo above for a higher resolution photo.

Email your answer to: with "BRLT Challenge - March 2021" as the subject line. Please include with your answer and all the information necessary to steal your identity. One guess per entrant per month, please.

Winners are announced here and in our monthly newsletter.

Good Luck!