Lincoln Home Creates a Safe Space for Family Visits

Thu, 06/18/2020 - 9:45am
The Lincoln Home staff has come up with a creative utilization of space to allow safe visits with family members.  Mike Knopf and Kevin Benner built a  half wall with a plexiglass top to allow families to visit on one side, with the resident safely on the other side, and still outdoors with plenty of air flow. Even though this arrangement cannot replace sitting side by side,  it offers loved ones a personal and meaningful experience. As an added bonus, Mike created a sliding door along the lower part of the partition so that a resident can extend their feet through the partition so the foot doctor can tend to feet and toes without coming into the building!
Friday, the porch setting was christened with a birthday celebration for resident, Hilda Traina, who turned 99.  Family was thrilled to see her face to face.  Chef Julie made a beautiful birthday cake, and the entire staff came outside to sing Happy Birthday.
Today, and every day, Lincoln Home goes above and beyond to make life as abundant and joyful as  possible  and still protect everyone’s safety and health.