Friends of the Wiscasset Public Library Support Children’s Room

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 1:00pm

Everyone probably knows by now that the Friends of WPL have a major fundraiser for the Library called Bands for Books. Last year the Friends agreed to do something special in the Children’s Room with the proceeds. They decided to replace the 20+ year-old carpeting in the Children’s Room. This is huge.

In April the Library will replace that carpeting with carpet tiles. Everything in the room needs to be removed during the process. The only logical space to put the items was the Used Book Room, located next to the Children’s Room. Unfortunately, this means that the book sale room will be closed on Saturday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 30. Carpeting will be installed that weekend.

What else have the Friends done to help the Library? In just the last two years, Friends replaced the ceiling lights with the more efficient and brighter LEDs in the Non-Fiction and Children’s rooms. The Friends also support programs and activities at the Library including; annual funding of the Children’s Room Summer Reading Program, along with other programs, both in the adult section and the Children’s Room. The Friends also give money to copier fees, Spring cleaning and the Maine Street Page of the Wiscasset Newspaper. In addition to replacing the carpet this year, the Friends were able to allocate just $2,700.00 for these purposes.