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Mon, 11/27/2023 - 5:45am

Reagan Cola has left the building. She left us for a real, permanent job in another part of the country. She has yet to give back her keys to the shop, though. We're pretty sure so it's she can have keg parties when she's back for court appearances.

She started working for us when she was a teenager. My nickname for her was "Reagan Cola - Reagan Cola." I don't know why. Perhaps it was because other celebrities like Sting, Cher and Bono opted for one name, I felt Reagan was much more devious and needed a longer name to contain the deviousness. Like Boutros Boutros Ghali.

She continued to work for us through high school, and the summers when she was in college except when she did a semester in Europe. She even filled in a couple days at the shop when Liana and I recently went to Newfoundland for vacation.

But now she's moving to a state far away and we'll only see her rarely. She'll probably only be back for Thanksgiving or Christmas and be obliged to be with her family. I'll be honest, saying goodbye to Reagan was like saying goodbye to my good college friends. The only difference being I was naive back then and thought things wouldn't change very much.

But now I know it means you drift apart as the burdens and necessities of modern life thrust their demands upon each of you.

I will miss Reagan so much. We have identical senses of humor. I remember solid days at the shop just laughing and laughing at one stupid joke. I'm going to miss that the most. And watching her come into my shop as a nervous young girl asking for her first job and leaving as a woman pursuing a career is immensely satisfying.

So here's to you, Reagan. Thank you for your time and your hard work. Thank you for filling many of my crappy days with fun and laughter. Thanks for letting me poke fun at you incessantly, and thanks for nagging me. Most of all, thanks for letting me be a part of your life.

For Liana and I, there was a time before Reagan, a time with Reagan, and time after Reagan. It's the march of time. It stops for no one. It makes no sense. No one can undo it. It will never be as good as the time with Reagan, but it will never be bad, either.

Liana and I are so proud of you. Please don't forget about us up here in the Frozen State with only one border and one syllable.

~~Don (Not a Dog)

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