Posted:  Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 8:15am

to sign up for our newsletter again? Well honestly, why bother when I post it here and on Facebook and Twitter and every other place you can imagine around mid-month? You’re bound to run into it at least once. 

And don’t forget to get all huffy and send me a rage-brewed email about how tasteless my April Fool’s joke was. I’m collecting them to wallpaper my new bathroom.


Shall I summarize the newsletter for you? 

In-Store Deals: 

40% Off Musher’s Secret - Just walk in and demand the savings. 


Web-Only Deals:

37.3% Off all Harnesses - Use Promo Code - “STUFFY”

34.6% Off all Rope Toys - Use Promo Code - “MONKEY”

43.8% Off all Sea Shammies - Use Promo Code “SHAMMY”

38.2% Off all Bizarre Dog-related Cutting Boards - Use Promo Code “BOARDY”


Sniffin’ Around

Everything Dog-Related in the Boothbay Region including the BRLT Challenge that could net you a bunch o’ free treats.


And of course our World-Famous Max and Aug’s Dog Blog. This month Buddy delights you by discussing his favorite times whilst moving in “Buddy On The Move.”


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