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Fri, 03/12/2021 - 11:00am

Pooppaste - By Big Buddy

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading my blog!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy 15th Birthday in November. I understand if you didn't wish me a Happy Birthday. It was almost on Early Bird this year and everyone gets excited for Early Bird.

I spend a lot of time asleep these days. Don says that when I'm not sleeping, I'm either peeing or pooping. Or I'm making more pee and poop. I'm so old I don't even go on a walk around the whole house like I used to. All I can do is pee and poop as close to the ramp as I can and come right back up the ramp and into bed. Don jokes that he is jealous.

Sometimes they bring Max and me to a nice lady named Ruth. Max loves Ruth so much. He runs right in to see her. I can't run anywhere. Ruth does things to my back and sticks a bunch of needles in me. I always get scared when I see the needles. But Ruth is so nice and she says nice things to me and gives me little treats all the time.

When Ruth pulls the needles out of me, I feel very good! I feel like I can walk around the whole house like I did in the old days. But when I get back to the house, I usually go to my bed and take a nap until dinner. Then I go to sleep after that.


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