Mon, 05/23/2022 - 2:15pm


I am taking lessons from "Putin's Playbook." Two Salty Dogs will ruthlessly invade Waldoboro unless everyone on my newsletter list hands over all their monthly disposable income, any pocket change, John McClane and any Nakatomi Corporation bearer bonds.

I'm serious this time.

Anyway, buy some stuff here this month so it's worth my while to continue to create original, if not misleading content. I swear if you guys don't buy a bunch of stuff this month I'm just going to copy and paste stuff from old 80's weightlifter magazines.


Let's face it. Sometimes we need a dog leash to perform other tasks- like restrain a burglar, tie off a boat, or tow an out-of-fuel or otherwise disabled Russian battlepiece off your sorghum crop with your tractor.

These rope leashes are the ones to do the job. And YES. it includes the world-famous "Weiss Walkie."I told you... ROPE LEASHES! So don't be some jackball and give my shop reviews that say I'm really cheap. Instead, write reviews that I'm really stupid because I insert long product photos into the newsletter that I have to write copy until I get to the bottom of the photo.

Hey! Do you remember the newsletter I put The Sham Wow guy on all the products?

That was awesome. Click Here if you think that was awesome.

Ah. The end of the photo.

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