Fire your “Bored” of Directors: You are excellent just as you are.

Posted:  Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 8:45am

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We all have a Bored of Directors. (That was not a spelling error.)  This imaginary panel of critics weighs on our lives and I, for one, am bored listening to them. Sometimes these people who live in our heads are helpful. “Don’t touch that hot stove." “Look both ways before you cross the street."

More often they are a group of the most insistent nags we have known throughout life. Their job seems to be to annoy, second guess and create doubt about, well, everything we do.

Usually the “Bored” has an Executive Director.  "That will go on your permanent record.” Someone was actually worried about that the other day, a grown woman who was worried about her record.  What? Are you going to get an F in life because of some invisible record? Are they going to throw you out of class? (Here’s a clue: no one gets out alive.)

On my bus there is Auntie Mary. She always liked to sweep her hand over her brow with great drama. She wore black every day in case someone died. "Only by suffering do we get into heaven." Joy, you see, is irresponsible.

There is Great Aunt Bertha; “Always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident and have to go to the hospital." (I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that mine wouldn't be spotless if I was in an accident.)  Or Uncle Frank; “It’s a good thing you are smart and can get a job someday; too bad you are not as pretty as your sister.”

That choir director told you that you couldn’t sing, the coach made you sit on the bench; “You are too clumsy to play, sit there and you won’t get hurt.” They all just love to chime in.

These Directors hang around waiting for us to screw up and then they all line up to toss in their two cents. It’s a Greek Chorus of Naysayers. "What are THEY going to say?" Really, the only thing worse than the Bored of Directors chiming in is what THEY (the magic invisible they) might say or think.

I decided my Bored of Directors needed a field trip. Here’s how you do it with yours.

Put them all on a short bus and you get to drive.   Your second grade teacher, your coaches, the lady at church who always said something mean, be sure to put ALL of them on the bus. They may try to start up but just say “Don’t make me turn this bus around." Make sure they are seated nicely, belt them in.

Then do your speech. "Today I will not wear clean underwear. I may not make my bed and I might leave dishes in the sink when I go to bed." Then drive the short bus to someplace   you love and imagine them all singing the "Wheels on the Bus."

Or if it is time for them to go for good as my dear friend Ida Senerchia- Zecco says “Get them all in the bus. Drive the bus to a deep river with a sharp, reclining bank. Ask passengers to stay seated. Put the bus in neutral at the edge of the bank. You jump out and shut the door. Watch bus roll into the deep river.  Wait until bus is completely submerged. Wait 10 more minutes, turn and walk away. Smile. Never drive a bus again.”

Go ahead:  fire your Bored of Directors and be kind to yourself.  The peace and quiet is wonderful.  You deserve it.


I  quoted from Ida Senerchia-Zecco  Find out more about this delightful performer and educator at    Music soothes the soul, Ida’s voice  is like a kiss on the cheek when you need one.

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