Boothbay Region Garden Club

In like a lion, out like a lamb

Posted:  Monday, March 20, 2017 - 8:15am

This month's Garden Therapy theme at St. Andrews Village followed the oft quoted adage for March and we all know that March 2017 did, indeed, come in like a lion but will it go out like a lamb? We can only hope that the optimism shown by the Boothbay Region Garden Club team in their work with the Village residents will hold true!

The team, using plastic dinner size plates -- one white and the other yellow -- created the lion and lamb project seen in the photo. The residents had fun pasting cotton balls to the back side of the white plates along the outer edges and then added wiggly eyes, pink paper ears and, with black markers, filled in a nose and mouth lines. The final step was to tape a pink ribbon onto the back side in order to hang it up.
For the lion the team used the front side of a yellow plastic plate on which the residents pasted wiggly eyes, white cut out cheeks, whiskers and a brown nose. A black marker mouth line was added. Cut out sections of brown paper which were fringed were then taped to the back side of the plates creating a beautiful mane for the lion. Yellow paper ears and a yellow ribbon completed this cheery symbol of a blustery season.
To make things more interesting, the team printed the following two poems in bright colorful letters to remain on display at the Village for the rest of March:

March roars in like lion -so fierce,

The wind so cold, it seems to pierce.

The month rolls on - and Spring draws near.

And March goes out like a lamb so dear.


You're loud. You' re noisy. A blustery old chap!

You whistle, you moan, you tear at my cap!

You blow, you scowl, but March, you are fair.

Part lion, part lamb, now Spring's in the air.

Nan Jackson reported that the colorful creatures all found good "homes " with the residents whether they were a lion or a lamb!

"A fun project for all, I think," said Nan.

Garden Therapy is offered monthly to the residents at St. Andrews Village and is an important part of the community work done by the BRGC which is affiliated with NGC (National Garden Clubs Inc.) and is a member of the GCFM (Garden Club Federation of Maine). For more information on upcoming events and activities check out the BRGC website at