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‘Goode’ work ethic drives marine science pursuit

Posted:  Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 9:30am

Clad in a grey hoodie and jeans, with his girlfriend in tow, Andrew Goode seems like any other college student. But engage him in conversation and the 2012 Boothbay Region High School graduate displays a self-assurance and focus unusual for his age.

Goode, currently a sophomore at University of Maine, Orono, hopes to pursue a career in marine science. Through dedication and hard work, he has earned high grades, academic  honors and accolades from his teachers.

Raised in Boothbay, Goode is the son of Anthony Goode and Paulette Chapman. He attended Boothbay Region elementary and high schools, studied Tae Kwon Do at the YMCA for many years, and participated in track, wrestling and bowling teams in high school.

When school is not in session, Goode lobsters in the Damariscotta River from his 19-foot Corson and also works with his father as a landscaper. 

“My dad got me into the youth lobster program when I was young,” Goode said. “He had a five-trap recreational license and he encouraged me, and with my brother, helped me to learn the ropes.”

Goode said lobstering has piqued his natural interest in the ocean environment and influenced his academic pursuits.

The hard-working young man said he has not always been attentive to his schoolwork, but after his first two years of high school, he had an epiphany.

“I realized if I buckled down and focused on my studies, it would help me get a good job and get into graduate school,” Goode said. “I realized if I really focus and do good work, it will help me in the long run.”

Goode’s teachers at BRHS remember his exceptionally good work ethic.

“Andrew was one of the most talented chemistry students I have had, and in addition, he was always willing to help others,“ BRHS science teacher Emily Higgins said. “He has a tremendous aptitude for science, and combined with his desire to be a marine scientist, he had the drive to be successful.”

English teacher Mark Gorey said Goode showed the same keen interest and drive in English.

“Andrew took on the challenge of AP Literature in English his senior year, despite not having done the junior-year AP Language and Composition course,” Gorey said. “He worked hard to adjust to the college-level skill expectations and ended up earning a 3 out of 5 on the national exam. Andrew is an inspiring young man; I enjoyed working with him.”

Goode graduated in the top 10 at BRHS; and at UMaine, he is finding similar academic success. He has been inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (for freshmen and sophomores who maintain a grade point average of 3.4 or above), the Golden Key International Honor Society (students in top 15 percent of class), and has made Dean’s List (GPA 3.5 or higher) every semester.

Goode said he is not just working hard, he is thoroughly enjoying the college experience.

“I love it up there,” Goode said. “The teachers and advisors are incredibly hands on. I couldn’t be happier with the situation.”

Goode isn’t sure what specific career focus he will eventually pursue, but said he hopes to bring his experience as a lobstermen into his marine science studies.

Higgins said Goode’s interests add a unique perspective. “Andrew wrote an essay in which he discussed the importance of understanding the needs of lobstermen as a scientist and how he plans to combine the two knowledge sets upon finishing his education,” Higgins said. “I think he will do just that and will bring significant knowledge and experience to help the community in future years.”

In the short term, Goode said he hopes to be one of the fortunate college students who are able to land an internship at Bigelow Laboratory in East Boothbay.

“I know it’s really competitive,” Goode said. “But I hope my boating experience (he is Coast Guard certified) and academic honors will help me.”

Goode is also a good influence on his peers. BRHS senior Ashley Poland has dated Goode for the last two years and said he has had a profoundly positive effect on her.

“I’d probably be failing, for sure instead of going to college,” Poland said. “He has definitely inspired me to do better. He has boosted my confidence and belief in myself.”